Mediterranean Restaurants in Toronto

Toronto is the home to many restaurants that offer healthy, nutritious, and tasty Mediterranean food. Some of the top places to visit and have a delicious lunch or dinner are Bar Reyna, L’Unità Enoteca, Mamakas Taverna, and Joso’s.


Founded back in the 60s, Joso’s features tasty food, traditional flavors, and excellent customer service. The menu includes spaghettini, antipasti, light lunch options, and risotti. Customers who are up for a light meal can have eggs scrambled with green onion, potato, and tomato or salad with potato, tomato, feta, prosciutto, and vinaigrette. Their selection of antipasti includes oysters with grated horseradish and hot sauce, arugula salad, and Insalata di Mare with capers, olives, shrimp, octopus, and marinated fish.

Mamakas Taverna

If you love Greek cuisine, Mamakas Taverna is a great spot to taste classical Greek dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. You can try their steamed mussels, pork and beef meatballs, or double bone pork chop with musto, cipollini onions, and seasonal fruit. The tavern also offers delicious deserts such as barley and chocolate milk pie and baklava.

L’Unità Enoteca

Conveniently located in Upper Yorkville, this restaurant features a selection of traditional and modern dishes. Customers love their menu of house-made pastas, brick-oven pizzas, grilled fish and meats, vegetables, and antipasti. The diner and desert menu feature tasty options such as grilled octopus with black olives, capers, potatoes, and lemon olive oil and butter greens salad with ricotta, almonds, apples, and radicchio. The group dining menu includes grilled octopus, salad with Parmigiano, pancetta, white anchovy, and crostini, and bitter greens salad.


Found on Elm St in Toronto, Adega offers Mediterranean and Portuguese food, seafood, pre theatre, group functions, and private dining. The lunch menu includes appetizers, sandwiches, pastas, risotto, and mains. Visitors can try their grilled Mediterranean octopus with caper salsa, red onion, and tomato or their grilled squid in a garlic, coriander, and lemon olive oil sauce. Adega also offers a selection of delicious deserts such as saffron poached pear, white chocolate crème caramel, and seasonal crème brulee.

Luci Restaurant

Luci Restaurant also offers Mediterranean and Italian cuisine, a great variety of meals, and exceptional food. The restaurant features a wine list and a menu of entrees, antipasti, pasta, and special features. The selection of antipasti includes tasty options such as phyllo basket with cognac cream and exotic mushrooms and beef tenderloin with truffle oil and shaved parmesan. They also have a desert menu with delectable choices such as chocolate truffle orange cake and baked meringue with mulled berries and sorbet.


With two locations in Toronto, Byblos is a Mediterranean-style restaurant, featuring canapé, desert, and dinner menus, cocktail menu, group menus, and beverages. Byblos also offers Middle Eastern, Moroccan, and Lebanese cuisine and vegetarian friendly options such as carrot with almond, barberries, and saffron and wild mushroom with sumac onions, marjoram, fontina, and roasted garlic. The group menu features tasty offerings such as roasted red beets and meat croquettes with dried fig, tahini, and date molasses.

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